Young Black Patient Dies After More Than 12 Hours of Torture in a North Carrolina Hospital ER

Nationwide – Dorothy Newbern, a distraught mother from North Carolina, continues her six year battle revealing the details of her only child’s cruel 12 plus hour hospital ER visit. Shortly after her 33-year son, Curtis Newbern III, called her complaining of a sudden onset of excruciating head pain (like thunder and lightning going off in his head) and severe blurred vision, his mother immediately rushed him to Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center in Huntersville, NC. The hospital is also known as AKA Presbyterian Hospital.

While his mom was completing the paperwork, Curtis’ symptoms became worse. He became nauseous and began vomiting profusely. After the paperwork was completed, the triage nurse checked the Curtis’ vital signs, and concluded that he had a temperature of 105, blood pressure 200/100, a rapid heart rate. Furthermore, when asked about the level of pain from 1 to 10, Curtis responded, “My pain level exceeds 10, I am really sick and in severe pain.” His mom, therefore, immediately requested blood work and a MRI or CT scan. The triage nurse response, “Another nurse will be out to get you in just a few minutes. Just tell her what test you want.”

When that nurse finally came out, she requested to take Curtis back and told his mom that she would call her back shortly. He was taken to the backroom in a wheelchair, and in less than five minutes, the door opened and the nurse told his mom: “You can come on back now. There is nothing to worry about; It’s just a sinus headache. I am going to give your son something for the pain, the fever and the nausea and he should be feeling just fine in a little bit.”

His mother, Dorothy, however, had doubts. She requested blood work and a MRI, but the nurse immediately shut down her request for all tests insisting that there was nothing to worry about.

At this time, both Dorothy and Curtis began to explain to the nurse that Curtis was immune deficient and needed to be examined by the ER doctor. The nurse then responded, “The ER doctor is really busy right now, and there was nothing to worry about. I know exactly what is going on, and the patient is just fine.” Read More Here