This Mother-Daughter Duo Created a Mobile Gaming App Designed to Empower Black Girls

Updated: 4 days ago

According to the International Gamers Developers Association, less than 4% of game designers in the industry are Black. For one mother, it was important to expose her daughter to games that would make her feel empowered and build self-confidence–so she decided to create her own for young Black girls to feel represented.

Yvonne Oatley is the founder of the mobile gaming app, Frobelles. She created the game with her daughter, Alyssa, who helps designs the characters and elements for the game. “My daughter and girls like her should be able to find games with characters that they can relate to,” Oatley tells BLACK ENTERPRISE through email. “It’s also important for children of other ethnicities to be able to see more diverse characters, as this helps them to learn and understand racial differences, in a positive way.”

Oatley says it was important for her daughter to play games that reflected Black girls with positive images. “As a mother, I am passionate about ensuring games are appropriate and impacting positively to my child’s mental health,” Oatley says. Read More Here

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