This 100% natural organic vegan cruelty free products can help you achieve your hair goals.

"I created OrganiGrowHairCo after an extremely bad haircut, awful extensions, and going from dark brown to blonde. My hair was dry brittle, lacked volume, strength, length, and my roots were curly but my ends were straight. Even before doing all that damage my hair had been long for most of my life, but for the most part was in poor condition from heat styling, using shampoos with sulfate and parabens in them, and using styling products with chemicals in them. Shop NOW

I was desperate to grow my hair back, and i was inspired by my young daughter to get the curls i always wanted. I began heavy research, looking for everything I could get my hands on. After years of research and experimentation, I was able to not only grow my hair, but get curls that excedded my expectations, restore shine and for the first time get the fullness and massive volume i craved.Shop NOW

People could not believe that I was able to bring my hair to this point and would often ask me what my secret was! I decided to couple my love for people and my obsession with healthy hair and create a VEGAN, ORGANIC all natural line that caters to ALL ages and hair types. We are all created equal, but our hair is not. Therefore, I created each oil specifically for each hair porosity." ~ KAY COLA (CEO ORGANIGROWHAIRCO & ORGANIGLOWSKINCO) Shop NOW

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