Princeton’s School of Architecture aims to diversify the field of architecture In Trenton, NJ.

Princeton University

This fall, Princeton’s School of Architecture, in collaboration with Trenton Central High School, launched Princeton ArcPrep, a program introducing Trenton high school students to the discipline of architecture through an immersive, semester-long course.

The program covers architecture, urbanism and integrated design studio practices. Unlike other architecture high school programs, ArcPrep’s studio instruction is not an extracurricular activity; it is embedded within the high school curriculum and the daily schedule of participating students.

Princeton ArcPrep aims to diversify the field of architecture by providing comprehensive support, guidance, and academic and cultural enrichment to students who are typically underrepresented in American architecture schools and thus the profession. A rigorous academic program, Princeton ArcPrep helps students develop skills, knowledge and awareness related to careers in architecture and aids them in college readiness.

The inaugural class comprises 15 Trenton Central High School sophomores selected for their academic standing and interest in architecture. READ MORE