Little To No Representation Of Black Santas Across U.S. Sparks Black Santa Winter Wonderland

Black Santa Company

Former Golden State Warrior, current investor and tech entrepreneur, Baron Davis, wants the holidays to reflect the cultural change and future we want to build for ourselves and the next generation to come. 

It's well into the holiday season and as people are preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and in extreme cases, the New Year. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, malls, stores and the like are changing out their displays to include images that most represent the season. Usually, that includes numerous depictions of trees, ornaments, Santa Clauses, Angels, Nativity scenes, menorahs and more! 

Growing up, many African Americans have come to accept a lot of these representations do not include familiar images that help people of color feel included.  If a family goes to their local mall or shopping center to get photos with Santa, many more times than not, the Santa represented is white.  Instead of boycotting said Santa, one thing parents can do is seek out better representations of Santa in their local areas. Davis is making this an easier process.   READ FULL STORY