How to Buy Diapers on a Budget

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Being a parent has its perks. It is always fulfilling for new moms and dads to hold their child for the first time. Hold them on their first walk. Teach them school lessons. Watch them grow up and ultimately, drop them off to college. But before getting to those memorable and fun moments, it first begins with one very essential step – buying diapers!

Diapers are essential for newborns. And believe that you will be spending a considerable sum of money on diaper expenses as your child grows. But being new parents entrusted to take care of a little angel, it can sometimes be quite the trouble to select the best diaper and set aside a sufficient budget for it as well. Well, no worries. This guide is for you!

Things to Consider When Selecting Diapers

There are essentially three things you must consider if you want to select the best diaper and save the most cash:

  • Test the waters

  • Buy in bulk

  • To weigh is the way

They might seem a bit confusing now but stick to the end, and we will go in-depth on these three in the following narratives.

Test the waters

Testing the waters simply means different trying options. By options, we suggest brands. Believe us when we tell you that not all diapers are the same. Whether in quality, in baby acceptability, and most importantly, in price. But remember that baby preference comes first! Regardless of the cost, choose what will keep the newborns peaceful and feeling good.

Going back, testing different diaper brands must be the very first step. For example, Pampers Swaddlers are the best cloth-like and absorbent diapers, which are essential for sensitive baby skins. Pampers Pure Protection, on the other hand, offers odorless, hypoallergenic kinds of comfort. While Luvs Leak guards are the best budget diapers that do not compromise the quality with the price. And their tons more to choose from!

Buy a few of each and do a review of how your newborns react to them. Choose what is seemingly the most comfortable choice.

Buy in bulk

This tip is more common sense than a life hack. Buying any items, including diapers, in bulk, will always be cheaper than opting for diapers in packs. There are platforms where you can buy diapers in bulk at reasonable prices. Instead of the 60-diaper packs, you get at least 160 diapers in a box with a relatively lower price differential.

The reason behind it is simple. It takes manufacturers less cost to sell them in bulk than having to pack them individually. Also, stockpile even when not necessarily needed! If you have the cash and diapers are on sale, then better to spend it there than to buy at the time you need it.

To weigh is the way

Remember that there are other factors at play in choosing the diapers. Your child is growing. Your kid will not stay at the same size when you delivered them. So, buying in bulk is helpful, but stockpiling good for 5 years’ worth of diapers for a single baby is not wise. Weighing the baby every now and then will give you insight on what size to buy.

Below is a simple guide for new parents in weighing their babies:

  • Less than 10 pounds (Newborn Diapers)

  • 8-14 Pounds (Size 1)

  • 12-18 Pounds (Size 2)

  • 16-28 Pounds (Size 3)

  • 22-27 Pounds (Size 4)

  • 27-35 Pounds (Size 5)

  • Over 35 Pounds (Size 6)

  • Over 41 Pounds (Size 7)

Raising kids will not be easy. Not an easy task and not pocket-friendly. But we can always be wise in how we approach it. We hope this diaper guide helps you in your journey as a parent. We wish you all the best!

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