7 Free Virtual Summer Camps Your Kids Will Love

With summer quickly approaching and events continuously being postponed for the moment, summer is looking bleak for children. For families who want to keep their children's education growing over the summer but are worried about being able to afford it, here are some completely free online summer camps to keep your child's mind active and continuously expanding their knowledge

1.Young Women In STEM Conference is a FREE STEM Conference for girls grades 7-12,

The Young Women in STEM Conference aims to inspire, engage, and empower young women who are considering a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by connecting them with female STEM professionals. The Young Women in STEM Conference encourages girls to pursue leadership positions, cultivate  research skills, and providing professional opportunities within STEM while providing a supportive community. FREE LAPTOP GIVEAWAY DATE: June 20, 2020:

REGISTER HERE: https://www.youngwomeninstemconference.org/events

2 .Keep your family active and having fun with 12Bursts. The 12Bursts program encourages your children to achieve 60-minutes of daily recommended physical activity through 12 activity “bursts” of five minutes each. Stack your bursts or mix or match in whatever way best fits your schedule to complete each day’s Daily Dozen challenge. 12Bursts can be completed as individuals or as a family. With 12Bursts, no two days are the same as the Daily Dozen challenge resets to encourage a variety of activities and maximize the fun! How many days in a row can you complete the daily challenge list? Get started today!

3.One of the most highly regarded digital summer camps on the planet that is completely free. Parents and children will find a wide variety of fun and engaging summer camp activities to take part in when they dive headfirst into Camp Wonderopolis. Some of these activities revolve around STEM field careers, others are designed to boost literacy and comprehension, and others still are designed to help foster improve critical thinking and creativity in young minds.Best of all, after downloading the free Camp Kits you and your campers can go at your own pace to take full advantage of all that this unique digital summer camp has to offer. https://camp.wonderopolis.org/

4. Now is the time to talk to our kids about what it means to be anti-racist, and the Caribu app is offering one way to facilitate these conversations. On June 8, they’re launching Camp Caribu, a free summer reading program with 100 days of activities, featured books and themed reading categories. The first theme will be “Courageous Conversations: Anti-Racism,” and they’ll be adding additional books about anti-racism throughout the summer.

Online: caribu.com

5.Boy Scouts of America will host virtual camps, some of which can include non-Scouts. Some camps include the Circle Ten Council’s At-Home Day Camp in Dallas, Texas; Crossroads of America Cub Scout Adventure Boxes (Indianapolis) and the Capitol Area Council’s 2020 Cub Scout Day Camp in Austin.

6. Code Ninjas is offering week-long virtual summer camps covering a variety of topics including coding, robotics, and game building. They also offer hands-on virtual camps where a cool STEM product like Ozobot or Cubelets is shipped to children’s homes. Code Senseis (instructors) virtually guide kids through challenges and activities such as building an actual robot. Check with a nearby location for schedules and availability.

7. San Diego Zoo Global is reaching millions of families around the world right now as part of SDZG’s #WereHereTogether campaign, which is offers free online learning resources for kids and provides even more ways to learn about the world around us! San Diego Zoo Kids online is also full of video content, activities, quizzes and games to keep students engaged over the summer, including DIY activities to do at home and 13 live cams of animals to watch online. Additionally, now through June 18, learning modules for teachers and students are available through MyAcademy. Students can start now with an overview of cats, and individual learning modules on cheetahs, lions and tigers, followed by courses on mammals, primates, birds, reptiles and marsupials.

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