Coronavirus Vaccine Facts for Parents

With a whopping 50 million contaminations, including nearly 11 million confirmed cases and more than 240,200 fatalities in the United States, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition to establish the COVID-19 vaccine has persisted.

With coronavirus prohibitions relaxing, what should parents know about the vaccine?

Security of vaccinations and legislation

The US Food and Drug Administration has stringent rules that should be complied with before a vaccination can be administered to the overall population. To guarantee the protection and efficacy of the vaccine, three phases must be followed:

Step 1: Early clinical studies with 20-100 eligible participants to assess the safety predisposition, dosage results, and side effects.

Step 2: Research hundreds of test volunteers to assess potential short-term adverse effects or dosage effects on various groups of individuals.

Step 3: Hundreds to thousands of test volunteers are screened to determine the potency of the vaccine.

Step 4: Finalization and approval

Vaccine Research Leaders

With more than a hundred vaccines under production globally, a handful of vaccines are showing potential. Those are the following:

1. Moderna

Moderna, a pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in Massachusetts, developed the first vaccine to be studied in phase number 3.

2. Pfizer

This pharma company has launched phase 3 clinical trials in September. This research involved a more representative audience, including children of 16 years old.

3. Novavax

Novavax, a firm situated in Maryland, has its vaccine to look out for. Preliminary experiments on primates and humans have demonstrated the development of viral antibodies.

4. AstraZeneca

With a partnership with Oxford University, the UK-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca was granted 1.2 billion USD to have 300 million dosages of their vaccine competitor for the US.

5. J&J’s (Johnson & Johnson’s)

The company’s coronavirus vaccine launched the official Phase 3 tests in September. Results will be out early next year.

Is the examination running too quick?

“The pace with which this vaccination can be sold is unparalleled,” says Dr. Kevin Kathrotia, a neonatologist and chief operating officer for Millennium Neonatology in North Carolina. He also looked after infants whose mothers are confirmed to have COVID-19.

Who is expected to have a coronavirus vaccine?

We will have to play the waiting game before phase 3 experiments are finished to learn about health recommendations and make educated choices. Still, the government has indicated that the COVID-19 vaccine will be strategically phased out to the country.

Is it healthy for children?

FDA-approved vaccines should be sufficient, although some of the latest clinical studies of the coronavirus vaccine have omitted infants.

Is it OK to use if you are pregnant?

Tests are also researching how the virus affects fetuses and pregnant women. However, pregnant women are not involved in ongoing clinical studies of the vaccine. Reuters stated a report that drug makers employed at the top candidates “require evidence of negative results of the pregnancy tests and the promise for enrolled women of the childbearing stage to use birth control.”

How can we receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Tests are in the early stages, but health experts believe that families can pursue the vaccine candidate’s race and allow the results to speak for themselves until the evaluation is full.