Christmas Countdown Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Christmas is one of the best seasons celebrated annually. It is the time when families come together, enjoy their meals and company, and simply commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. As adults, Christmas is no longer an unfamiliar celebration to us. It is common knowledge that on the 25th of December of each year, we celebrate Christmas day. However, for kids with no concept of time yet and are still uncultured on the idea and essence of Christmas, it may be a surprise to them what makes the 25th of December special.

Therefore, for them to learn the special date’s very meaning and to excite them for all the presents they are to unbox on Christmas day, a good build-up is necessarily leading up to that special day.

The best option to make the countdown to Christmas special for children is using Advent Calendars!

The word Advent is from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming.” It indicates the coming of Jesus into the world, which is what we all call Christmas. By that definition, an Advent Calendar is simply a calendar that helps in counting down until Christmas. Commonly, it spans the first 24 days of December.

For Christmas to be more memorable and to teach children the essence of it, we have listed down some cool Advent Calendar concepts below that you can buy or make for your child in preparation for the special date!


Christmas-themed Advent Calendars

The most basic, but not dull, forms of advent calendars featuring Christmas elements like snow, pine trees, houses, candy canes, and snowmen! Wooden Village Sleigh Advent Calendar by Clever Creations live up to their brand of cleverly made calendars. Using premium wood, they offer sturdy calendars that may even be preserved and played with by your children even after Christmas!

There are also over-the-top designs like advent calendars in the form of customizable storage drawers. These are practical and can be used not just for Christmas but for a long time!

Disney Advent Calendars

Disney is one of the most famous children’s channels out there. It is undoubtedly one of the programs your child is familiar with. Give their enthusiasm and excitement a boost by making an advent calendar featuring Mickey Mouse or any Walt Disney Character of their choice!

Disney Storybook Collection Advent Calendar features 24 books that can be individually read every passing day leading up to Christmas. Surely kids will love this!

Harry Potter Advent Calendars

Like the Disney ones, Harry Potter advent calendars are also famous ones! Getting sold out before the 1st of December says a lot about its popularity among the children. Grab hold of one before they go out of stock, and have a magical countdown with your child before Christmas!

Nativity Advent Calendar

Perhaps, among the list, this is the type that preserves and showcases the very essence of Christmas. Nativity advent calendars feature elements like Jesus Christ himself, Mary, Joseph, and other individuals involved in the birth of Christ, the primary reason behind Christmas. Perhaps it would be best to have this while discussing a brief background on the birth of Christ each day before Christmas.

Christmas is an enjoyable season. It chooses not a particular age for anyone to be aware and excited about this special day. However, behind the fun it brings, we must always remember the reason behind the season. It is something that children must have an idea of even at a young age, and advent calendars will help them be aware of this matter. An early Merry Christmas greeting to you!

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