8 Books Featuring Black Male Protagonists

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Children's books featuring African American boys often focus on the struggles they face at the hands of an often unjust society.  While it's important for children to understand the history of America and the work that is still left to be done, that isn't the entire existence of their childhoods. 

There is also joy. Everyday, loving, and fulfilling, JOY. 

Black Parent Magazine has created this list of books centered around the everyday lives of black boys.  These books highlight the joys and diversity of black boys and remind them to embrace the happiness that surrounds them.

Black Parent Magazine and Moms of Black Daughters has created this list of books centered around the everyday lives of black boys. These books highlight the joys and diversity of black boys and remind them to embrace the happiness that surrounds them.

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Marcus Garvey

Lost in the whirlwind? Look For Me recounts the strength, faith, and confidence that Marcus Garvey had in the human race’s ability to use their strengths and talents to uplift the black race. Read along as young Marcus travels the world and educates the masses on the principles of “Africa for the Africans”.

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Marcus Garvey dreamed of gathering people across the globe so they could work collectively and value each other’s strengths. This picture book is the fourth Melanin Origins publication to make Amazon #1 New Release and it encourages children to Dream Big.

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"A Rocky Start" gives you a brief glimpse into the life of a boy and how he decided to become the educator he is today. My hope is that this simple story will have a profound impact on the lives of many children. Background: My name is Anthony Tucker ‑ I am a public school teacher based in the South Bronx. As you know the South Bronx is one of the most impoverished communities in the country, home primarily to African American and Hispanic communities, as reflected in my classroom. My students have few examples of success stories around them, and rarely read stories where the character hails from the same environment. That's why I thought that telling them my own story would give them inspiration and motivation to keep going, as I essentially come from the same background as they. My school held a storytelling celebration and I decided to write a short story based on my life. I shared the story with the students at my school and received an overwhelming amount of support. I also decided to share the story with friends and colleagues, and many of them suggested I turn it into a picture book. So that's what I did! I turned it into a picture book. To learn more about the author visit: www.anthony-tucker.com

Tay Goes and the Hot Day Book 3

It’s too hot to play outside. What will Tay do? Will he play video games? Read to find out Tay’s plan. Special Bonus Feature- How to Draw Tay inside!


Baby Boy, What Will You Be?

On a cold winter day, a new mom snuggles with her baby boy and warms her heart with the thoughts of all the limitless possibilities that her baby can achieve in his lifetime. "When I gaze upon your face, there’s so much hope I see. As I gaze, I begin to wonder, just what you’ll grow up and be." Order HERE

The Joys of Being a Little Black Boy

The Joys of Being a Little Black Boy is a vividly illustrated, history-based children s book that brings to life Roy, a joyful Black boy. Roy will take your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, or class on a biopic journey of joy with some of the world s most notable Black men who, lest we forget were all at one time young Black boys. PURCHASE A COPY HERE

Bippity Bop Barbershop

In this companion book to the bestselling I Love My Hair, a young boy, Miles, makes his first trip to the barbershop with his father. Like most little boys, he is afraid of the sharp scissors, the buzzing razor, and the prospect of picking a new hairstyle. But with the support of his dad, the barber, and the other men in the barbershop, Miles bravely sits through his first haircut. Written in a reassuring tone with a jazzy beat and illustrated with graceful, realistic watercolors, this book captures an important rite of passage for boys and celebrates African-American identity. ORDER HERE


Successville is a compelling story that encourages children to dream big and reach for their goals in life by valuing their education. This story teaches that a great education is key to everything you want to achieve, and a great education begins in the classroom by paying attention, listening, and working hard. In this book, Mrs. Jones teaches her second-grade class about this place called Successville after she catches them not paying attention again. The kids soon learn everyone has a Successville in their lives, and they will have to get their act together if they ever want to make it there. Successville represents the place where people achieve their own versions of success. This place is based off a combination of goals, hard work, and talent. Everyone’s Successville is a different place because only we know when we have given our all in an effort to make our dreams a reality. This book was written by Noah Harris who is passionate about motivating kids to reach for their dreams: no matter how big. Harris is currently en route to his Successville as he attends Harvard University so that he may be equipped to have a profound impact on the world. PURCHASE HERE

Black Boy, Black Boy

Black Boy, Black Boy, what do you see?

I see a bright future ahead of me!

A melodic mantra with a powerful message: Black boys can be a doctor, a judge, the president . . . anything they want to be!

Each page depicts a boy looking into the future, seeing his grown-up self, and admiring the greatness reflected back at him. This book is created to teach Black boys there are no barriers--if you can dream it, you can be it!

This book is for Black boys so they see themselves as the heroes of the story.

This book is for Black boys so the repetitive patterns help them learn to read.

This book is for Black boys so it will become a subconscious mantra-the things you say to kids become what they think. And Black boys can be anything! ORDER HERE

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