Birmingham, Alabama Mayor - Randall Woofin

Let's give it up for Birmingham Mayor Randall Woofin!

Starting next year, Birmingham City Schools graduates can go to college for free.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woofin announced the new policy on Twitter Tuesday evening. He posted, "Starting in 2020, any Birmingham City School student that walks across the graduation stage will have the opportunity to attend any in-state two or four year school tuition free."

Woodfin later clarified, adding that the graduates will be funded to attend any public, in-state two-year or four-year school where they are accepted.

The mayor did not explain how the program would be funded.

Woodfin said in June he wanted to spend $2 million of the proposed $451 million budget for the next fiscal year on the Birmingham Promise. Then, he said the program promised Birmingham juniors and seniors apprenticeships at local businesses. The Birmingham City Council approved the $65,000 apprenticeship pilot program.

The mayor also said the program would offer scholarships for city graduates to attend in-state two-year colleges or any public four-year institution in Alabama. Read More on

By Ivana Hrynkiw |