Author helps kids with "Christine's Big Hair Adventures"

Christine Gibson, an education expert is helping parents with her children's book. The main character is a 5-year-old girl who learns it's okay to be different. Christine Gibson, author of "Christine's Big Hair Adventures - Christine Goes to Grandma's."

Christine was 1 of authors chosen to Represent Black Parent Magazine at the 48th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. Legistlative Conference, Washing ton, DC. Here's what she had to say about her experience.

"I received an email stating that my book was chosen to be apart of the 48th Annual Legislative Conference, Author Pavilion from Catherine Woyee. Mrs. Woyee is a leading innovator and founder of Black Parent Magazine. Not only was I excited, I was humbled that someone would think of me and my works with such high regards, to provide me such an awesome opportunity. When I asked Catherine what did I owe her for this noteworthy invitation, I was told to “Go and network and be great!”

Those words echoed inside of me throughout my time at the 2018 Annual Legislative Conference. This experience afforded me the opportunity to meet so many great people from all over the country. I was able to share my book series Christine's Big Hair Adventures with fellow authors and others in various professions. I was also honored to attend the Hip Hop session, that discussed the importance of voting and making informed decisions in regards to voting. The panel of individuals offered great insight on the impact of voting for people of color.

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Inc. mission is to advance the global black community by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public. By attending such an impacting conference, I truly believe that my works (Christine’s Big Hair Adventures) can and will make a difference throughout communities of color. I was also able to experience first hand, being a part of a global community that has children and young adults of color best interest at hand. It doesn't get more powerful than that!

Overall, the experience was truly been humbling. Although Catherine Woyee and her family were affected by the hurricane, it did not stop her from checking in on me and ensuring that I had all the resources I needed to make my experience as impactful as possible. I am grateful for the opportunity the Mrs. Woyee and Black Parent Magazine provided and I am looking forward to many more."