7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Kids ..

Valentines day is usually thought of as a day for romantic love, But as a day devoted to love, what better way to celebrate it as a day devoted to family? It doesn’t have to cost a lot or be an over the top celebration, just set some time aside to focus on your family and tell them you love them! Here’s a list of ideas that we’ve compiled that we think can help!

1. Surprise Hearts!

Another way to make your kids feel extra loved this Valentines Day is to give them little surprises of hearts! Attack them with little homemade hearts that are covered with all the reasons you love them and cover their bedroom door, in their backpack and their jacket pockets! It’s always a nice little surprise to be reminded why you’re so great and that you’re loved, especially on Valentines Day.

2. Surprise them with a special breakfast.

Make it something gooey and sweet! After all, isn’t that what this day is all about? Try some cinnamon rolls, monkey break, caramel rolls, muffins or scones. For an extra special treat, serve them cake for breakfast!

3. Give them a themed gift every year.

Like I said, I did a pajama theme. But this can be anything. Maybe it’s sports related, a game themed gift, bath related or a movie theme. The trick is to keep the same theme every year, but to find a different gift from year to year.

4. Give them a box of chocolate.

A traditional touch, for sure. This makes a nice addition to any tradition.

5. Cook dinner together.

Cooking dinner together is always fun for the little kids, but as your children get older, it becomes more of a chore. Make it fun by serving a yummy punch or pop, cranking up some music and joking around while you cook!

6. Have a candle light dinner.

Younger kids love this one. They know there is something extra special going on when you dim the lights and light a candle.

7. Camp out in their bedroom for the night.

If you have older kids, play some video games with them until late in to the night. If your kids are younger, sleep on the floor in their room. Have a slumber party together!