2020 Black Parent Magazine Holiday Gift Guide. Holiday Gifts from Black Owned Companies.

This holidays season, most of us will be shopping for gifts online. Black Parent Magazine has created a list of black-owned businesses you can support.

Black Paper Party

Black Paper Party was born out of our love for Black Culture, and the recognition that Black imagery is underrepresented in the paper goods and holiday industry. We are a Black owned, women owned team with over 15 years of retail, design, and illustration experience.

Our products are made in the USA. www.blackpaperparty.com

Dream Girl Box

Dream Girl Box is a Quarterly Subscription Box For Girls With Goals, ages 6-16. By providing a girl's empowerment workbook, inspirational tee shirts and other motivational products, we inspire girls to Dream BIG by using their God-given gifts and talents. Gift a box or mailer to your favorite Dream Girl as an incentive to keep up the great work!

Boxes and Mailers ship in December, March, June & September. www.dreamgirlbox.com

Teni & Tayo Creations

From our books about African fairies to our toy cars that feature an African superhero, each of our products incorporates a pinch of African influence in some shape or form. We got started because we wanted to see more representation in the everyday things available to kids, but ultimately, our goal is to have a little fun while creating products and events that empower kids, stir the imagination, inspire creativity, and nurture problem solving skills in young developing minds. www.teniandtayo.com

Cocoa Cutie

Each character is hand-drawn by me and is one-of-a kind. Building self-esteem early on in our children is paramount, so each Cocoa Cutie is available in one of four different skin tones to reflect the diversity and beauty of every child. Also, our children deserve the very best, so I make sure each product is of the highest quality. www.cocoacutie.com

I'm Unique

This book introduces Unique Unicorn. She is a brown unicorn that is trying to fit in with her new environment. However, she notices she is not quite like everyone else. This story holds a powerful message for children. Can Unique learn to fit in? Read to find out. www.clarkebooks.net

AlTaMiRa Books

AlTaMiRa Books promotes social diversity in literature and positive images to the youth. We show them content they don’t normally see in the media. We celebrate the beauty of being different. https://altamirabooks.webs.com

Izzy and Liv Who doesn’t love a graphic tee? They are effortlessly chic and fun and often become the first clues into your personality or mood. Browsing the racks of your favorite mainstream brands you certainly won’t be hard-pressed to find a variety of cute and fashionable tees, decor and accessories. Chances are, however, you will be hard-pressed to find tees that truly reflect your culture and the things you love. www.izzyandliv.com

Cookie Society

The Cookie Society is a boutique bake shop in Frisco, Texas specializing in gourmet cookies, made with the highest quality ingredients, in fun + unique flavors. Our cookies are indulgent, have crispy edges, are chewy, and have a tender center. They are absolutely addictive! You will want to order extras. They’re bigger than your average cookie, too (Texas Sized)! Whether you stick to your favorite flavors or want to try something new, we’ve got a cookie (or two) for you. www.cookiesociety.com

Noisy Knits

NOISY KNITS is a black owned lifestyle brand that provides stylish apparel that stands the test of time. Armed with witty words, we primarily provide female empowerment clothing that allows you to boldly announce your presence as soon as you arrive on the scene.



Derived from the swahili word for love, the word ‘Zapenda’ was conceptualized as our founder, Stella Safari, searched for the best way to capture her love for fashion, culture, and community. Zapenda began in Stella’s closet which houses a mixture of styles and fabrics from Congo (DRC) where she was born and America where she grew up. The opportunity became clear once her phone wouldn’t stop ringing from friends wanting her to bring back clothes from a Congo trip and tailors in Congo seeking opportunities to earn an income. She created Zapenda as a platform to reimagine our relationship to clothing, the people who make them and how we choose to wear them. www.zapendashop.com


It all started when…I was a little girl and I would pretend to be a high fashion model, walking the runway. As I got older, that interest for fashion extended into a love for makeup. I want to share my love of makeup with others and play a part in helping women of all ages feel confident. I believe a little lip gloss and glam goes a long way. I hope you enjoy my products!


Little Hope Big Hope

Ready? The expedition to find hope begins now! Little ones, big ones, boys, girls, everyone all ’round the world, join us as we travel through the pages of Little Hope Big Hope, inspiring children of all ages and stages, bursting with joy. The book of hope has arrived! Give your neighbor a high five! Go and tell them, “It’s finally here!” The book that changes lives is finally here! Hope, volume one—that’s one for the team. It is hope in a book, teaching children they can dream. It is hope in a book, teaching children they can believe. Belief improves well-being. Grab a Copy Here

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