2018 Summer Reading List For Black Girls "Empower HER"

2018 Summer Reading List (Grades K-12)

One of the most powerful forms of representation comes in books, beginning with children’s picture books, as images of all types of people and cultures activate the imagination and help foster respect for diversity and empathy for others.  In this way, books and stories can make an enormous difference in dispelling stereotypes and prejudice and building community.  Furthermore, as children get older, books become a way to teach history and supplement the often limited narratives provided in textbooks.  They reveal unsung heroes and stories of those whose voices are typically not heard.

This summer, Black Parent Magazine and Moms of Black Daughters will hosted a children’s author series, in conjunction with local Summer Reading Series, which included African American Children's books authors Dr.Ciara Bostic, Emeri B. Montgomery and Tamara B. Rodriguez . They will shared their incredibly beautiful and important stories with the children and families, along with their inspiration and motivation for telling the stories about which they have chosen to write.  They will discuss the vital role of representation; and how they seek to create characters that they knew, such as family members and neighbors, so that children would recognize them and know that they mattered.

Below is a list of book recommendations that highlight their incredible work as well as other authors of children and young adult literature to make it a bit easier for families to fill their bookshelves with diverse black narratives. Shop for books here;https://www.momsofblackdaughters.org/