15 African American Male Teachers Explain The inspiring reasons why they teach

By By Antwaun Sargent  They come from around the country, in every city in America. They believe that change is achievable, that good role models are important and that education can, and should, be fun. These are some of the African-American males who have answered the call to teach, something of a rare breed among American educators today. Currently fewer than 2% of America's teachers are African-American men, a shortage the  "Black.Man.Teach." Tumblr is hoping to help alleviate. The innovative project is asking African-American male teachers to share the reasons why they became educators, in the hopes that these stories may inspire other black men to enter the classroom.

"To increase these numbers we must explore, examine, and confront all of the current and historical social and political forces at work that have led to this troubling scarcity," the site explains. "We must also look to those remarkable and courageous brothers who make up the 2% for guidance. We must encourage them. We must support them."

Other programs, such as U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's Teach.org initiative, are similarly working to help push more men into the classroom. But clearly, no one program will be able to solve the complex problem. FULL STORY