12-Year-Old Boy Wins Racial Discrimination Case Against School That Wanted Him To Cut Off His Dreads

12-year-old Chikayzea Flanders from West London was forced into isolation when he went to Fulham Boys School with his hair in dreadlocks. He was asked to shave off his dreadlocks if he wished to attend classes as it went against the school’s uniform policy.

Funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, his lawyers criticized the stringent uniform policy and argued dreadlocks represented a fundamental part of the Rastafarian beliefs.

Therefore, the Church of England free school in West London has backed down and admitted to indirect discrimination. This move may also force other schools to lift their ban on the particular hairstyle.

The school will also have to pay the family’s litigation costs and reach a settlement with the 12-year-old boy and his mom, Tuesday Flanders. FULL STORY

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