10 Things Black Fathers Want You to Know About Their Parenting

Raising children is a struggle that parents must deal with every day. Some parents choose to be lenient, while some are too strict. We never really know which parenting method works best. We learn as we go along. Today, we will boost that learning curve by checking out what Black fathers must tell us about parenting.

Here are ten things that Black fathers can share with us about their parenting.

They have “the talk” with their children

No, it is not the kind of “talk” they have once their children reach puberty. It is the kind of “talk” wherein they explain to their children why they are different. The type of “talk” wherein they have to elaborate on how life is sometimes not going to be fair to them simply because the color of their skin is “different.”

Protecting their children is always a priority

It is their goal to protect their children, not just from the bullies in school, but also from those who would want to step on their rights or mistreat them as they are growing up. The role of Black dads as parents to their children does not end once their child becomes an adult - it is when it becomes the hardest, so they must always be there for them to protect them.

They teach their children to work extra hard and to be persistent

Black dads know that we live in a world where the opportunities presented to the “minority” are not equal to others. So, they always tell and train their children to work extra hard so that one day, they will not have to fight for a spot because, given their excellent track record and performance, they will have equal opportunities at growth and in advancing in their careers.

They always remind their children of their capabilities

One thing they always do when it comes to parenting their children is still to remind them of their worth and capabilities. People will have their assumptions and connotations regarding the minority group. Therefore, Black dads know that they must always remind their children not to listen to what other people say about them.

They teach their children to be tough

Black fathers know that we are still surrounded by people who will harass and ridicule the minority just because of their skin color and race. Therefore, they teach their children to be tough, starting at a very young age, not to be taken by surprise when other people “suddenly” become cruel to them.

They always tell their children to “never give up.”

Black dads know that the world will not take it “easy” on them and even on their children, so they continuously remind them not to give up, always to keep on pushing, and never quit, especially in the face of adversity.

They remind their children that they can be a great leader

Reminding their children that they can be a great leader even if nobody believes in them or if the world looks at them differently is one thing that Black dads always do. Of course, It still comes with a reminder that to be great. One must be a servant of all.

Their children get exposed to the realities of It world at an early age

They explain the realities of It world to their children, even at a very young age. There are times when their kids do not understand what they are saying, but they do their best to help them get a grasp of what lies outside of their home - a world full of people who would give other people a “pass” but would watch their every move and wait for them to make a mistake so that they could learn a “lesson.”

They teach their children to protect themselves

Bullies, discrimination, racism, and more, a Black dad knows that wherever their children go, there is always a threat. Therefore, they start to train their children how to protect themselves at a young age and remind them, “that the best battle is the one that you win without fighting.”

They will always be around to love on their kids

Lastly, Black fathers will always around to love and protect them so that when their children need someone to talk to about life or the bully in school, a shoulder to cry on, or simply needs advice on how to handle It cruel and unfair world, they will be there.